Design is a power,
a belief in the possible,
daring to envision
the impossible
to change the world.

Thinking, Questioning, Communicating
A graphic designer enjoys working cross-discipline and cross-culture and has a wide interest in many aspects of life. Striving for excellent design, connecting the soul of the content to the heart of the people. When not designing, the brain is wondering about the meaning of life in art.

Why do I love doing design?

I love both creating things and communicating with other people. The act of design fuses these two passions of mine together. I love seeing my perseverant devotion turn into satisfying design works that serve people’s needs.

I am very curious about many subject areas and love dealing with complicated issues. When designing, I am able to fulfill my interests in discovery and problem-solving and stay open to various new opportunities.

What do I think about design?

I think designers are responsible for engaging in good design work. Their perspectives, knowledge, experience and passion can all affect the work. Designers need to love and cherish their lives to produce good designs.

Design needs to serve both function and aesthetics. It is the combination of art, science, technology and humanity. Its goal is to make the world a better place.

Design needs to connect with the audience. It needs to meaningfully resonate with the audience by having a well-thought-out concept and an engaging visual form. When design interacts with the audience, it is the start of creating culture, making history, or even changing history.

With an in-depth understanding of all these roles of being a designer, I am committed to engaging in good design.