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Sacred Space Architecture Lecture Series
Is it possible to visualize the essence of sacred architecture to an audience?


To pick an architecture theme conference, event, tribute, or lecture series. It can be an existing or invented one. Describe the event as a whole and determine 2 or 3 main topics to be discussed or featured, one topic for each poster or video. Each topic will have to be related with the other in some way. The poster or video needs to incorporate type made from found objects.

I decided to work on sacred space architecture, of which I have always seen as having a strong power that can influence people’s emotions, playing an important role in culture and society.


I investigated existing architecture that related to religious or meditative purposes. I studied how the structures created a calming effect on people and become a community artifact, connecting people together to a higher belief.

I kept the materials and color close to the ones used in the architecture. Light, form and space are three important components in creating the atmosphere for people. The videos see the building process of type, which is also a reflection of sacred space architecture.