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MFA Thesis—Healthy Eating in College
Is it possible to create a better way for college students to eat healthy?


Identify a real problem in the world and use graphic design to provide viable solutions through conducting research, building strategy, creating design pieces and collecting user feedback.

The problem I investigated is unhealthy eating in America. There are more and more people becoming obese due to the food they consume and the way they eat it. Currently there is more emphasis on profit than health. Surroundings can affect people’s eating habits in a positive or negative way. Design can be used to make changes for the better.


I looked into the demographics of eating and realized that college is an essential and effective time to build healthy eating habits to influence students’ lives.

Based on college students’ needs and behaviors, I created a brand that values healthy eating and is designed for students’ lives. I designed a website and app for ordering and scheduling healthy meals. I also created the design for an on-campus cafeteria, a set of take-out packaging, healthy eating learning materials and marketing pieces.