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On Vintage App
Is it possible to bring vintage clothing into the contemporary audience’s lives?


In an area of interest, find a problem and think up a solution with an app design. 

After I came to live in San Francisco, I became very interested in vintage fashion. There is so much creative energy and freedom around this fashion, and it’s a good way to show personal identity and to recycle clothes that complement or contrast with modern fast fashion. The tailoring of vintage clothes often reflects fine craftsmanship that most modern fashion cannot match today. Collecting and wearing vintage clothes can work into a very modern lifestyle, but many people are very unaccustomed to that, so I want to use an app to solve this problem.


In order to define the problem more specifically, I interviewed several people, including shoppers and a vintage store owner. I realized the current problem is that many people are not as familiar with vintage fashion as they are with modern fashion, due to limited information and access to vintage clothing shops. So young urbanites don’t know how to choose and how to wear vintage clothes.

Aiming at the problems above, this On Vintage app gives people an easy access to vintage store information and photo feeds for them to know how to find and wear vintage clothes on a daily basis.