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Powdered Mix Paint
Is it possible to bring 
Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture vision into packaging?


To come up with a concept for a line of eco-friendly powdered mix house paints. The paint line should work for both interior and exterior use, and the package should be reusable. It should start with a well-known designer, architect or artist or an organization that currently sells paints, or its own line of brand paints.

I decided to create a paint line of the renowned American architect Frank Lloyd Wright, whose work has become iconic worldwide.


After looking into Wright’s vision about architecture and finding the common perspectives of his works, I understood his emphasis on architecture with its environment, which has also been seen as organic.

I tried to make the packaging have an interesting but also functional shape that can capture and reflect Wright’s architectural thinking into the paint product. Since this paint product is for people who care about quality and aesthetics, I used a simple visual form to present the essence of Frank Lloyd Wright’s philosophy in house painting.